About Callson Manor

GET BIT! at Callson Manor Haunted House. The most extreme Haunted House Theme Park in Sacramento!  Owned by both a Hollywood filmmaker and a Special FX engineer, Callson Manor is like stepping into a horror film! Brave the backlot Ghost Town MODOC, Zombie Paintball and all the other terrifying attractions. Enjoy Fire Dancer Performances by Obsidian Butterfly, taste the delicious flavors of Bubba's BBQ and Addictive Sauces Hot Sauce, and  visit our local Ghost Posse all in the Haunted Courtyard. Callson Manor Haunted House is hidden deep within Roseville at the Placer County Fairgrounds. 

Get bit by the excitement, get bit by the fear. Callson Manor Haunted House, GET BIT!



1. Callson Manor

2. Darkness

3. Asylum

4. Cirque Du Fantasy

5. The Tavern

6. Panic

7. Slasher Cafe

8. Oddities